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Il Concerto Barocco

Il Concerto Barocco

Il Concerto Barocco are an orchestra of very experienced and professional musicians who have a passion for Baroque music.

Il Concerto Barocco 

Literally translated Il Concerto Barocco means "the baroque concert". This name was chosen as it bests describes what this ensemble is about. Il Concerto Barocco is an ensemble accommodating a wide range of instrumentations ranging from the trio to the full baroque orchestra. The basic principle of the ensemble's performances is that the music played is best served by the instrumentation and performance practices developed and used in the period that the music was conceived.

Founded in 2001 Il Concerto Barocco has become an established link in the Netherlands music scene. Il Concerto Barocco presents a number of concert series per year with concerts performed in their home concert venue, The Waterstaatskerk in Hengelo (The Netherlands) and various other venues throughout the Netherlands and Germany.

Ronald Moelker

Ronald Moelker studied recorder at the Conservatorium in Rotterdam as well as at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague. He has performed at major European early music festivals including the festivals in Utrecht and Brugge. In 1986 he won the Van Wassenaer Competition with the ensemble Super Librum and in 1987 the KRO radio prize as soloist. Ronald Moelker has made numerous concert tours, radio and CD recordings as a soloist and with Ensemble Super Librum, and the Lacrimae Ensemble.

Sarah Walder

Sarah Walder studied cello and Viola da Gamba with Catharina Meints at the Oberlin Conservatorium (USA), graduating cum laude in 1992 and later at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She performs with many different chamber music ensembles in Europe and the Americas including Musica Temprana (18th century Latin-American music), Antequera (vedel), Apollo's Fire (the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra), Compagnia Vocale with Johannette Zomer and the Classical Bassoon Quartet Island.

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