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Patrick Saussois and Daniel John Martin

Patrick Saussois and Daniel John Martin

Led by the mellifluous violin and unique vocals of Daniel John Martin, the remarkable guitar playing of Gypsy Jazz legend Patrick Saussois, this music is driven by the rock steady ensemble of Ducato Piotrowski on rhythm guitar and Andy Crowdy on bass.

Daniel John Martin: Jazz Violin and Vocals. A unique and charismatic performer and one of the most talented and sought after violinists of his generation, Daniel's singing, swinging violin has joined such world Gypsy guitar greats as Boulou Ferre,  Angelo DeBarre and Romane amongst many others. Born in the UK, spending his childhood in Africa, Daniel then studied violin at Parisian conservatoires, where jazz became his first love. His sources of inspiration include Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, Art Pepper and Cannonball Adderley.

Patrick Saussois: Lead Guitar. One of the most esteemed and respected players of the genre, and a self-taught left handed Gypsy swing guitar master influenced by Django/Babik Reinhardt, Henri Crolla and legendary Matelo Ferré whom he would often accompany, Patrick is a gifted composer and improviser with a relaxed, melodic style who can navigate seamlessly between styles and genres whether they be bal musette  with the late great legendary accordionist Jo Privat, bepop with Richie Cole, or Gypsy Swing with his band Alma Sinti (on his own label Djazz), with whom he has travelled the world.

Ducato Piotrowski: Rhythm guitar. A Polish Rom Gypsy who is now one of the UK's top, sought after rhythm guitarists of this genre, he has played with such legendary Gypsy guitarists as Moreno, Matcho Winterstein and the UK's Gary Potter. A powerhouse of rhythm, he is also a consummate soloist with an authentic style that is influenced by the great Tchavolo Schmitt. 

Andy Crowdy: Double Bass. Andy is one of the UK's top bass players, and has performed with some of the world's greatest Gypsy Swing guitarists such as Lollo Meier and Angelo DeBarre. His incredible driving rhythmical sense is combined with a lyrical musicality, which is highlighted in his inventive solos.

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