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Alexandre Guerra

Alexandre Guerra

Alexandre Guerra is a composer, arranger and music producer who is a graduate of the Berkelee College of Music and is well known for his composition and orchestration of soundtracks.

Composer, arranger and music producer Alexandre Guerra began his musical studies on the saxophone as a young teenager. Encouraged by his father, Carlos Guerra who worked as a sound production publicist, Alexandre soon began to compose original pieces and experiment with his own arrangements. Ultimately, it was this flair and originality which led to his acceptance as a scholarship student to the Berklee College of Music.

Since graduating in 1995, Alexandre Guerra has built his career as a composer of soundtracks, having worked alongside such directors as Jayme Monjardim, Cao Hamburger, Paschoal Samora and Richardo Dias. His ouvre consists of more than 50 works for film, documentaries and TV series.