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Anita Drake

Anita Drake

Anita Drake is a French two-piece band which combines rock and roll with a glamorous, free spirited attitude.

You could describe Anita Drake as the child of Tom Waits and The White Stripes, spiced up with a little of the Rolling Stones.

Dorothee Pierson is the lead singer of the Parisian band. Her voice has captivated the audience of each release and concert and is a perfect match for the band'sh energetic guitar riffs and electric, vibrating melodies.

Not so long ago, the duo decided embark upon a musical journey, yearning to get in touch with their musical roots. And thus, they found themselves at a crossroads where music meets the as yet uncreatedl; a place of rough and inflexible unity.

Anita Drake is a gust in the desert. It's like walking on embers. It's glamour and rock and roll all in one.