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Baba Scholae

Baba Scholae

Baba Scholae were a legendary late-sixties progressive rock band whose music has a distinctive psychedelic element.

Steve Baylis: drums
John Arthur Holbrook: lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alan Jones: bass
Jean-Yves Labat de Rossi: flutes, sazophone, bombard, keyboards, vocals
Jules Vigh: guitar, melotron
Woody Woodbine: lead vocals

In 1967, when he was 20, Jean-Yves Labat de Rossi founded the group Baba Scholae when he was a student at ‘Les Beaux Arts', the Fine Arts College of Paris in order to fulfil his passion for rock'n'roll. They met at the cafe Bonaparte and rehearsed in a cellar of the Montagne Sainte-Genevieve.