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Barocco Locco

Barocco Locco

Barocco Locco are an ensemble dedicated to the performance of authentic 17th century music on reconstructed historical instruments.

The ensemble, Barocco Locco was founded in 1985 by Fritz heller, Wim Becu and Joris Verdin. With members from across the
world, the ensemble's focus is to perform renditions of 17th century music with the greatest authenticity possible. The core musicians are Saskia van der Wel who is a soprano and a cellist, Fritz Heller who plays the zinc dulcian and the organist, Vincent van Laar. Concerts are always performed with the musical, cultural or historical topic in mind. Their repertoire includes the work of composers such Herman Hollanders, Jan Baptist Verrijt, Cornelis Padbrue, Lambert Pietkin, Leonard de Hodemont, Vierdanck John and Thomas Selle.