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Blubell & Black Tie

Blubell & Black Tie

Blubell & Black Tie are a self defined ‘chamber-pop' group who perform unique renditions of popular music inspired by their Brazilian heritage.

Blubell is the stage name of Isabel Garcia, a singer and composer from São Paulo. After starting her career by performing with independent bands and singing advertising jingles, she released her debut album Slow Motion Ballet in 2007. By her second album, Eu Sou Do Tempo Em Que A Gente Se Telefonava (2011), recorded in collaboration with the jazz quartet À Deriva, her music was truly demonstrative of her intimately personal and self-defined style. In this album she performed her own compositions exclusively.

In 2011, Blubell was invited to participate in the Cordas na MP Project, at SESC Pinheiros, directed by the violist and arranger Fábio Tagliaferri where, for the first time, she sang with Mario Manga, Swami Jr. and with Tagliaferri himself. ‘I was raised listening to their songs, although I didn't know Música Ligeira. We got along very well and there was a great connection - personally and musically speaking', she says.

Música Ligeira is a multi-instrumental trio that, during the ‘90s, produced an elegant and engaging music. The group was created from a duo comprised of Mario Manga and Rodrigo Rodrigues, who presented short musical skits on the comedy TV show TV Mix, directed by Fernando Meirelles at TV Gazeta.

Instrumentally, Manga alternated between guitars, mandolin, cello and mouth percussion, while Rodrigues played the harmonica, sax, tambourine and guitar. Both sang. The duo were received exceptionally well by TV audiences which soon led them to stage performances. The group became a trio when Tagliaferri arrived to sing, adding viola, guitar and acoustic bass guitar.

Wearing their typical sunglasses, the members of Música Ligeira had a broad repertoire ranging from songs by João Gilberto to Stevie Wonder, as well as those by the Beatles, Chico Buarque and Paul Simon. There was always humour in their arrangements, with funny musical jokes that entertained the audience and yielded loyal fans for the group, like Caetano Veloso and Arnaldo Antunes.

However, Música Ligeira's 16 year career was interrupted in 2005, when Rodrigo Rodrigues passed away from leukemia. Without their partner, Manga and Tagliaferri called a halt to their project.

Black Tie was born when Manga and Tagliaferrie found themselves inspired once more by their collaboration with Swami Jr and decided to form a trio once more. Swami plays the bass and seven-string guitar.