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Boulou & Elois Ferre

Boulou & Elois Ferre

Boulou and Elios Ferre are two brothers who are also acclaimed French jazz guitarists.

Boulou and Elios Ferre were born to the musically accomplished Matelo Ferre, a road buddy of the legendary Django Reinhardt, and whose trio with his brothers Baro and Sarane is renowned to this day.

Since childhood, Boulou was able to sing anything that he had heard and possessed an incredible musical memory. From a young age, it was clear that he was an inspired musician. While staying in the Jura Mountains, he found himself locked in the chapel overnight. It was there that he heard the organist practising ‘Jesus Let My Joy Remain'. This experience led to a life-long love affair with Bach's music, fusing the freedom improvisation with the structure of counterpoint.

Boulou Ferre was the first child prodigy in the gypsy style to be popularised by the media. He was only twelve years old when his father took him to a session in 1962 with Jean Ferrat. Boulou did more than qualify - in fact, he signed an exclusive contract with Barclay Records. His first recording under his own name featured a performance of ‘Bluesette', the famous Toots Thielemans melody. The following year, at the Juan-les-Pin festival, he opened for John Coltrane. His third record, an homage to Parker and Gillespie, received a four star rating in the American magazine Down Beat.

The press named him ‘the little Mozart of the guitar'. He appeared on stage at the Olympia concert hall, on television and in the press, where he was photographed alongside his brother Elios, five years his junior.

Elios began his musical studies on piano, rather than guitar and it was flamenco that first turned his interest to the latter instrument. While studying under the renowned Sabicas, Elios also discovered Jimi Hendrix's music and endeavoured to reproduce his sound. While Boulou considered himself a classic-jazz musician, Elios was interested in flamenco-rock from the outset.

Today both brothers perform at an international level, together, in groups and as soloists.