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Cantatrix is an ensemble aiming for the highest level of choral singing.  Cantatrix may consist of amateur singers, but their collective sound is no less than gorgeous, appreciated not just in their native Holland, but abroad as well.


Started in 1992 as a band of twelve friends, selected and conducted by Eeuwe Zijlstra, Cantatrix has in its fifteen year history grown into a mature chamber choir, professionally performing in various concert series every year. In all those years the typical sound of the choir has remained unchanged. The secret of the choir: the combination of high level individual singing qualities with the team spirit and chemistry of the group. This transforms the choir into something special, making every Cantatrix concert an inspired listening experience.

In 2000 Cantatrix was asked to take the place of an English choir in Ripon Cathedral.  This trip was a great success and the choir has been travelling ever since. In 2001 Cantatrix sang concerts in the German town of Laage. In 2004 the choir was selected to take part in an international competition in Arezzo in Italy, where the singers took third prize in the ‘straordinario' category. In the same year, Cantatrix performed in Fulda (Germany) and Crediton (England). In 2005 the ensemble was again selected to participate in the Arezzo festival and this time managed to capture the first prize in the ‘straordinario' category. In 2007 Cantatrix was asked to sing in the ‘Florilège vocal' in the French city of Tours, where it won first prize in the ‘renaissance' category. The year 2008 saw Cantatrix performing in the successful Frisian Requiem ‘Opus Exit'.

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