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Denis Raisin Dadre & Doulce Mémoire

Denis Raisin Dadre & Doulce Mémoire

When Denis Raisin Dadre founded the Doulce Mémoire ensemble in 1990, could he have imagined he was taking the first step in conquering Renaissance music, and that he would soon be performing in the most prestigious venues worldwide?

His curiosity about all types of music brought into being by the breath led him to a consuming passion for the vocal repertoire, which he combined with his interest in all things Renaissance. He is inexhaustible on "this dynamic period of passion and discovery, about which the general opinion is too one-sided", and for which "there is still an enormous amount to be done". He finds it extraordinary that "between 1480 to 1580, approximately the same amount of time passed as between Schubert and Stravinsky".

During his fifteen years of intense activity and numerous memorable productions both on record and in concert, Denis Raisin Dadre's love for the Renaissance has never faltered. (It would be difficult to grow tired of a companion that brings new surprises every day!) Doulce Mémoire's approach calls preconceived ideas as well as the actual musical vocabulary into question - and not only for Renaissance music. However, innovation for its own sake is not the main goal of the ensemble. Its aim is to constantly question the often-mysterious source material, to experiment, and to arrive at sometimes astonishing conclusions.

Over the years Doulce Mémoire has become a veritable musical laboratory. Its exciting new productions are just as impressive as its past work, and the public enjoys keeping close track of its latest musicological discoveries, each of which is accompanied by a faithful reconstruction of ever more fascinating music. The infinitely varied Renaissance holds many more surprises in store, and music lovers can look forward to the pleasure of savouring them in the company of Doulce Mémoire.

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