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Don Kosaken Chor

Don Kosaken Chor

Don Kosaken Chor is an all men's choir, founded in 1921 and originally comprised of the exiled Don Cossacks. Their repertoire consists of Russian sacred chants, classical choral works and Russian folk songs.

Don Kosaken has been lead by Vanya Hlibka since 1991 and was, during its early years, assisted by George Tymczenko, both of whom were previously soloists in Don Kosaken under the direction of Serge Jaroff until 1979.

The all men's choir has performed worldwide and was originally formed of exiled Don Cossacks in 1921 in an internment camp in Turkey. The choir began performing together in Western Europe from 1923, making Berlin their headquarters in 1930. 

Serge Jaroff studied church music in Moscow with particular focus on sacred music, an influence which can still be heard in the current ensemble's repertoire with its heavy focus on expressive liturgical chants. The choir includes sacred Russian chants in its repertoire as well as well-known Russian folk tunes and classical choral works.

Don Kosaken Chor is an a cappella choir at its best, performing in such major concert calls as the Hamburg Music Hall, the Exhibition Hall in Frankfurt, the Cologne Philharmonic and the Gewandhaus in Leipzig.