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Downliners Sekt

Downliners Sekt

Downliners Sekt are a duo from Barcelona whose music is electronic with industrial rhythms and epic crescendoes.

The group make appropriately dark and sometimes claustrophobic music, a mercurial history traceable through their releases: the abrasive broken beats of debut album 'Statement of Purpose' sprouted serrated fuzz for the post-rock influenced 'Saltire Wave', both albums full of sometimes unfriendly - and always distorted - beats and grooves.

Downliners Sekt mastered their brooding sound with several EPs in 2010 and 2011: 'Meet The Decline', 'Hello Lonely',' Hold The Nation' and 'We Make Hits, Not The Public'. Since those breakthrough releases, the group have moved cautiously toward techno, slowly shedding the grisly broken beats in favour of rounder curves. After signing to InFiné, they completed their first full-length since 2008, reconciling their darker impulses with a more floor-friendly style.

The 2014 release, 'Silent Ascent' has been applauded by the critics and is becoming their most succesful album to date.