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Ensemble Midtvest

Ensemble Midtvest


Ensemble MidtVest consists of a string quartet, a wind quintet, and a pianist. The ensemble is renowned for its creative programming, pushing the boundaries of the traditional classical concert form through creativity and excellence. The eleven players are classically trained musicians, all of whom specialise in chamber music. Together they form a dynamic ensemble, performing a huge range of music at an international level.

When ten brilliant young musicians come together in a newly founded ensemble, an energy that as a whole is much greater than the sum of the ten individuals emerges. If you then add the support of a whole region, a solid basis for future development has been created.

The Ensemble MidtVest was founded in 2002 and consists of a string quartet, a wind quintet and a pianist. With this versatile and colourful cast it is their main goal to perform and convey a wide repertoire of classical chamber music.

With its background in classical music the Ensemble MidtVest repeatedly moves onto new and experimental ground. Their projects on boundless music in line with other art genres and styles address everyone who would like to discover new areas. For this reason the ensemble received its first artistic consultant in 2007: The jazz star Carsten Dahl develops - together with the musicians of the ensemble - new musical concepts in the borderland between the various music aesthetic genres and forms of expression.

When the ensemble performs in smaller settings, there is often room for very versatile music and the possibility to integrate other art genres. The Ensemble MidtVest regularly works with both composers and writers with projects including those in film and dance as well as those in more traditional classical contexts.

Regardless of the basic quality of the music, the audience usually gets the most out of the performance if it is challenging to them and especially formed to suit the each different audience group. The Ensemble MidtVest is the country's only ensemble that employs its own music mediator, Steen Chr. Steensen who is the contact person for schools, music schools, museums and other interest groups. He also develops educational projects, holds ‘concert introduction talks' and coaches the ensemble's musicians for when they themselves talk on stage about music, musicians and the musical life.

The Ensemble MidtVest is one of Denmark's five national ensembles and is based in Herning. The musicians perform both in large and small cities in Western Jutland and often also in other parts of the country, including the capital Copenhagen. The local connection to our region is strengthened through a wide network of event organisers, artistic partners, local music societies and, last but not least, the Friends of the Ensemble. Every year in the beginning of July, all the fans meet at the ensemble's own chamber music festival at the manor Nørre Vosborg on the Danish West coast.

Despite its young age the Ensemble MidtVest has travelled abroad several times, last in 2006 when the ensemble performed together with actors from the Odin theatre at the Ravenna Festival in Italy. In March 2007 the ensemble toured through Sweden together with the jazz pianist Lars Jansson and his trio, and in September the ensemble gave a particularly successful performance at the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin.

The Ensemble MidtVest is financially supported by the music committee of the Danish Art Council and by the four municipalities of Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande and Struer. In addition to this, the ensemble collaborates closely with several sponsors.