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Forestare is composed of young classical guitarists with a commitment to the environment. The group's keen interest in actual music is expressed through the performance of commissioned works, orchestral arrangements and collaborative projects with renowned performing artists, such as Richard Desjardins, who have made their mark on Quebec's culture.

'Composed of 12 talented young guitarists and a double bassist, this exceptional Quebec ensemble is on a mission to push the boundaries of the traditional guitar repertoire. Equally devoted to the environmental issue, their musical mission is to lead fans off the beaten path and on to new sonic horizons.'

By its very nature, the guitar is inextricably associated with wood and as such, the combination of the concepts of wood, the forest and the guitar - all born of the same environment - strikes a chord with these musicians. Moreover, as the forest is to the tree, the ensemble is to the guitar: a unit born of many individuals with a common need to realise their innate potential. Forestare hopes to acknowledge the ensemble's origins and roots by honouring its one true source: the tree.

Forestare was founded in 2002 by the guitarist, Alexandre Éthier who sought out the conductor Pascal Côté to help him recruit the group.