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Frode Anderson

Frode Anderson is an accordionist who plays as both a solo and chamber musician. Frode has performed all over Scandinavia, in Europe and in the USA. His repertoire is wide and encompasses from folk and classical music to experimental improvisations with electronics.

Frode Andersen was born in Askøy, Bergen in Norway, and trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His great interest in contemporary music is reflected both in his concert activities and his work as an administrator, writer and organizer for a numerous events and institutions in the Danish contemporary music scene. For the time being Frode is the artistic leader of the oldest and most respected chamber ensemble in Denmark, Esbjerg Ensemble.

His first solo album, ‘Trash' from 2006, where the accordion meets the universe of modern electronics, was nominated for Danish Grammy Award 2006 for ‘best solo performance'. The Danish Composers Guild awarded Frode their Prize of Honour the same year for his artistic impact and close collaboration with living composers on this album.

Recent projects include performances of the half-hour-long ‘Serenade on the shores of the cosmic ocean' for accordion and string quartet by Poul Ruders, and ‘Reremberer', a musical installation of visual arts by Suzanne Bocanegra for amplified loom, amplified accordion, 50 amateur violinsts, conducted by Todd Reynolds and featuring live electronics by Ejnar Kanding and an underscore by David Lang.