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Gary Potter Quartet

Gary Potter Quartet

Gary Potter is the UK's foremost Gypsy Swing guitarist and valued QuecumBar patron.

Gary Potter, solo guitar, is regarded as one of the world's greatest jazz and country guitarists, enjoying high acclaim in the USA, Australia and Europe, a guitarist who is melodic, lyrical and imaginative with perfect rhythmic sense, and an original approach to playing Gypsy Swing guitar that is undeniably his own. His talent, his enthusiasm and his audible joy of playing inspires his audiences and makes this album really swing!

Kevin Nolan rhythm guitar, considered tobe one of the world's top Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitarists, honed his skills alongside his brother in The Robin Nolan Trio, playing such renowned jazz festivals as Montreal and Samois-sur-Seine. Having moved to San Francisco, he was asked by the one and only John Jorgenson to join his Quintet and is now touring the world.

Ducato Piotrowski rhythm guitar, a Rom Gypsy who is one of the UK's top rhythm guitarists of this genre, has played with such legendary Gypsy guitarists as Moreno and Matcho Winterstein. A powerhouse of rhythm, he is also a consummate soloist with an authentic style that is influenced by the great Tchavolo Schmitt.

Andy Crowdy double bass, is one of the UK's top bass players, and has performed with some of the world's greatest Gypsy Swing guitarists such as Lollo Meier and Angelo DeBarre. His incredible driving rhythmical sense is combined with a lyrical musicality, which is highlighted in his inventive solos.

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