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Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain

An intensely loud and unorthodox high-energy trio from Glasgow combining the riffs of Black Sabbath, the frenzied energy of Lightning Bolt and the attitude of the MC5.

Holy Mountain are a Glasgow based three piece featuring Andy McGlone on guitar, Allan Stewart on bass and Pete Flett on drums. Originally a duo with only guitar and drums, they started gigging in 2008 and have been very busy since. Holy Mountain have embarked on a considerable amount of touring, utilising their simplified set-up to play everywhere from a skate ramp in Birmingham to the back of a van. In between these impromptu and gloriously ramshackle appearances, the band have self-released a three-track EP - available as a free download and sold in person for a pound. The duo have also indulged in some rather adventurous video projects with the help of director and close friend Michael Sherrington.

In the spirit of the band's improvisational and spontaneous nature, all plans from here on in are pretty loose, and open-ended.

Their sound thrives on the sludgy, doomy power of Sabbath style riffs and gives off plenty of energy reminiscent of The Melvins' early recordings.