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Joop Celis

Joop Celis

A Dutch pianist with a carefully honed technical skill, a lifelong passion for classical music and influence spanning from East to West, Joop Celis gives new life to the powerful, deep composition of  twentieth century composer York Bowen.

Between 2005 and 2010, Joop Celis recorded four albums comprising of works by York Bowen, under the British record label Chandos, each album being highly acclaimed the world over.

His undeniable flair for music gives new life to Bowen's composition. In the past decade, Celis has both taught master classes and lectures across Europe and Asia, and established himself as a writer within his field, immortalising his own invaluable interpretation of Bowen's work so clearly heard in his recordings. The delicacy and finesse with which he plays are demonstrative of true passion and talent.

‘Celis certainly has a sympathy for Bowen's work, making it blossom under his fingers.' Rovi

‘Celis brings to Bowen's music loving caresses, a wealth of dynamic nuances, a full palette of colors, a sure sense of rubato and playful touches.' Fanfare