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Karl Seglem

Karl Seglem

Karl Seglem bestows a new lyrical musical language upon Norwegian folkl and contemporary jazz. In his music, this tenor sax and goat horn player takes us off on a visionary journey through the Norwegian countryside. "Light, dreamy sounds of an almost frightening intensity."

Karl Seglem

Karl Seglem is described as one of the most exciting contemporary tenor saxophonists and composers in Norway. He has consistently extended musical frontiers with his original perspectives and daring improvisational style. He combines Norway's rich folk music traditions, both the vocal traditions and specially the Hardanger fiddle music, with his own mode of expression. Seglem creates modern soundscapes, a mix between jazz, folk, world, where improvisation and composition are given equal weight.

His saxophone tone blazes a fresh trail through his innovative use of breath, resonance and syncopation. Seglem also plays the Norwegian goat horns. His many CD recordings with different ensembles such as UtlaOsgn-A-SongIsglem and Nordic Balm ranges across the entire spectrum from rooted folk to free form, and is inspired by deep Norwegian roots, via world beats to the poetic and dramatic Nordic landscape.He has composed and performed several works/pieces and has produced a number of CDs for mainly Norwegian, but also some Swedish artists.

He was awarded the Edvard prize in 1998 for his work "Tya" (with  R.Skår), and have received many other National and local prizes, grants and awards for his work.

Karl Seglem has toured Norway, Scandinavia and Germany, played in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, The Pharaoe Islands, USA among other countries.

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