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Le Concert Brisé

Le Concert Brisé (Broken Consort) is so named because the members of the ensemble play instruments from many different families. This chamber music ensemble was created by William Dongois at the beginning of the 1990's.

Le Concert Brisé's various programs are centred around the cornett and touch on virtually all the repertoire for this instrument. Using musicology to gain an understanding of the spirit of this music, the ensemble aims to create a framework which allows for the most natural and lively execution possible.

With a variable number of instrument-players as well as a singer, the ensemble performs with two to ten members depending on the program.

Le Concert Brisé gathers musicians who have a common approach to music and historical sources. This common ground constitutes one of the pillars of their musical philosophy, the other one being the use of improvisation techniques based both on jazz and traditional music.

The musicians of Le Concert Brisé are united by a common desire to communicate to the pleasure they take in music to the public, while introducing improvisation whenever possible. In this way they privilege eloquence in performance above strict adherence to musical scores.