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Le QuecumBar Patrons

Featuring performances from Angelo De Barre, Ritary Gaguenetti, John Etheridge, Biel Ballester, Hank Marvin, Stephane Wrembel, John Jorgenson, Moreno, Robim Nolan, Dave Kelbie, Gary Potter, Andreas Oberg and Lollo Meier.

Angelo DeBarre: A world class Gypsy guitarist and legend amongst European Gypsies, Angelo has astonished international audiences with his virtuosity and true mastery of the style. For Angelo, Django's music never loses the dynamism and richness of the past - it is everlasting, a living music.  Born in St Denis, France, he began playing guitar at age 8 and quickly became one of the most sought after musicians in the tradition.Since 2000, his quartet has been wowing Europe with their cutting edge approach to Django's later repertoire.

Dave Kelbie
: An international reputation as a promoter Of Gypsy music and culture has led to acclaimed music partnerships with many of Europe's leading Gypsy Musicians. His best known project is the multi-international groundbreaking Balkan music cooperative   Szapora, but he first gained recognition as a rhythm guitarist, recording and touring as  Lejazz with the celebrated Dutch Gypsy guitarist, Fapy Lafertin. Dave records and tours the world  with stars such as Angelo DeBarre, Lollo Meier,  American clarinettist Evan Christopher, Australian  George Washingmachine and is widely regarded as  one of the best rhythm guitarists of this genre. 

John Jorgenson: Lead guitarist, composer,arranger, clarinettist and producer. His first love is Gypsy Swing, although he is world renowned for playing with diverse superstars like Elton John and Johnny Cash, as well as his own award-winning ensembles The Hellecasters and The Desert Rose Band. One of the first Americans to play this style, John is now considered to be the "US Ambassador" for Gypsy Swing, constantly touring  the world with his stellar Quintet. His eclectic melodious compositions are quickly becoming classics and incorporate world music and orchestral elements, always  enriching and stretching the boundaries of Gypsy Swing while maintaining a great respect for the tradition of this vibrant music.

John Etheridge: A UK master guitarist, who enjoys a glowing reputation throughout the jazz world and beyond. A prodigiously gifted and  creative player , who spent years playing with the iconic Stephane Grappelli, and  legendary jazz-fusion group The Soft Machine. John has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Yehudi Menuhin, Birelli Lagrene, Didier Lockwood, Nigel Kennedy and countless others. His hot club style band Sweet Chorus' is a personal tribute to Grappelli. John now plays with John Williams, the most celebrated classical guitarist of his generation.

Lollo Meier : Dutch Gypsy guitar master, composer, bandleader and arranger, Lollo is from an elite family group of Gypsy players and is cousin to both Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg. From the age of 12 his goal in life - to carry on the music of Django. His style and technique are traditional, lyrical, sensitive and joyful and he is an accomplished composer of  new and memorable compositions which have that genuine Django flavour. A man of style, grace and humour who spends much of his  time giving workshops and sharing his artistry with others. Sought after around the world, Lollo touches his audiences with his pure melodious playing, and makes Django's music as fresh as it was 85 years ago.

Robin Nolan: A UK guitarist, composer and arranger of immense talent and considered one of the world's leading Gypsy Jazz guitarists. Robin's natural affinity for the guitar began at age 6. His music has encompassed blues, rock and jazz, ultimately leading to his main passion for the music of Django. He has set himself apart by creating his own unique style, and from his base in Amsterdam, he has circled the globe with performances at The Montreal and TorontoJazz Festivals, Djangofest and numerous others. His trio moves their Gypsy Jazz into new contemporary territory, with inventive original compositions, all played with a flawless fluidity.

Hank Marvin: Master guitarist and composer, Hank started playing guitar at sixteen and a year later joined Cliff Richard as his lead guitarist in 1958.  He was a founder member of The Shadows,who with Cliff, and independently enjoyed huge international recording and live  performance success. The influence of Hank's guitar style has been acknowledged by guitarists as diverse as Brian May, Peter Townsend, Mark Knopfler, Randy Bachman, John Eldridge, and Neil Young  who put it into song with his "From Hank to Hendrix". Hank's recent CD ‘Guitar Man reached No 6 in the UK album charts. An avid fan of Django's guitar genius and compositions, he hopes to be able to bring the music of Django Reinhardt and his successors to a wider audience.

Andreas Oberg: Guitar master and composer,born in Stockholm in 1978, he was admitted to the Royal Music Academy and as well as working on his own projects, he has performed with artists of different styles such as Les Paul, Toots Thielemans, Martin Taylor, Birelli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg and Florin Nicolescu amongst others and performed on TV, radio and international festivals. A Resonance recording artist, his 4th solo album is out this year. Thisyoung guitar virtuoso is a master of many different styles and has stunned worldwide audiences with sheer energy and clean technique. An huge supporter of the genre, he brings to it fresh young blood and vigour and is an ideal ambassador for introducing Django's music to a wider, younger audience.

Stephane Wrembel: Born in Paris, classically trained in piano from the age of 4, Stephane discovered Django in his teens and spent 10 years learning from the Gypsies at their campsites and from great guitarists such as Serge Krief and Moreno. Always fascinated by the US he moved there to study contemporary jazz improvisation and world music at Berklee School of Music. Now based in NYC, his music encompasses the sound of Django, African grooves, Middle  Eastern colours and Indian moods, blending influences form all over the world - all played with a breathtaking level of energy and originality of his own. He passes on his skill through his teaching and playing

Ritary Gaguenetti: Master guitarist and  composer, Ritary is a Sinti Gypsy from the same tribe as Django and was born in 78. He began playing at 14,first learning from his father, and teaching himself by listening to the Gypsy masters. A quietly outstanding virtuoso musician, influenced by the Dutch tradition,with a style that is smooth and melodious, clean and precise. His versatility encompasses both funk and R&B, and he is influenced by Joe Pass, George Benson and Stochelo Rosenberg. With several varied CDs under his belt, including collaborations with Matcho Winterstein, Andreas Oberg and Yorgui Loeffler, he has toured Europe, the USA and Canada with his Ensemble to rapturous welcomes. Always happy to share his skill and pass on Django's musical tradition, Ritary plays from authentic Django roots to a style with a modern, jazzy feel. A perfect example of this music's versatility.

Biel Ballester: Guitarist, composer, arranger and  teacher. Born in Mallorca , trained in classical guitar in Barcelona, Biel has studied with respected guitar masters such as Jose Tomas, David Russell and Manuel Barrueco. He learned Gypsy Swing from hearing, meeting and playing with both Gypsy and non Gypsy masters of the style. His Trio gives this musica fresh Spanish feel, with original and of the moment takes on classic songs of Django's repertoire, adopting new rhythm forms such as the bossa nova, bolero and rumba. Biel's original compositions are acclaimed in the Gypsy Swing world, and together with his virtuosity, creativity, versatility and passion, he breathes fresh energy into the genre.

Gary Potter: Guitar giant, Liverpool born, Gary is entirely self-taught. From the age of 11, Gary has mastered Gypsy Swing, country and jazz with the same energy, passion and fire. He is now regarded as one of the world's greatest Gypsy Swing, jazz and country guitarists, enjoying high acclaim in the US, Australia and Europe, a guitarist who is melodic, lyrical and imaginative with perfect rhythmic sense. His playing is influenced by Django and Charlie Parker, his talent, enthusiasm and audible joy of playing inspires his audiences, and his approach to playing jazz guitar, both acoustic and amplified is innovative and original, giving him an identity that is recognisably energetic and totally his own.

Moreno: Born in Moselle, a Manouche Gypsy, his talent revealed itself when he started to play by learning from his brothers. Encouraged by the great Dorado and Tchavolo Schmitt, he pursued his passion and  spent his youth travelling and playing between Alsace and Saintes Maries de la Mer. In Toulon, he met the legendary guitarist Tchan-Tchou who he accompanied and learnt from for 4 years. He moved to Paris where he became a regular fixture playing with Gypsies like Mondine and Ninine in the clubs and cafes, such as the famous La Chope des Puces. It was in Paris where he met his wife, the Gypsy singer Marina, and his current Quartet sees Moreno fusing Gypsy Swing with traditional Gypsy songs in his powerful and energetic style, incorporating vocals from the charismatic Marina. An outstanding showman and force to be reckoned with.

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