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Leo Abrahams

Leo Abrahams

Leo Abrahams is a hugely respected musician and one of the most sought after guitar players around.  In the studio he has worked with a huge array of artists including Brian Eno, Paul Simon, Florence & The Machine, Roxy Music, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker and Marianne Faithfull.

Leo Abrahams

Leo is a hugely respected musician and one of the most sought after guitar players around. He has a proven track record playing live, both solo and as a guitarist / multi instrumentalist for many artists including Vashti Bunyan, Eliza Carthy, Kathryn Williams and June Tabor on the ‘Daughters of Albion' shows and the Sea Shanty project ‘Rogues' Gallery' with Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy and James Cooke. He has recently performed successful solo shows in across Europe, Russia and the US.

In the studio he has worked with a huge array of artists as both a producer and instrumentalist, including Brian Eno, Paul Simon, Florence & The Machine, King Creosote, David Holmes, Roxy Music, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithfull and recently produced the acclaimed album by new folk act Smoke Fairies and throughout the Hollywood blockbusters Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Twelve .

Leo's second album, The Grape and The Grain sees him exploring instrumental English Folk music in this collection of tender and melodic pieces, featuring mainly guitar, but with added instrumentation, including a Hurdy Gurdy which Leo learnt to play specially for this record.

"Leo conjures up more images through his fingers than any painter could" Ed Harcourt

"Undoubtedly one of the most versatile, creative and exciting musicians I've had the pleasure to work with" David Holmes

"Abrahams is pushing boundaries that most guitarists haven't even thoughtabout" Guitarist

"A musician of amazing ability and perception. Unmissable" Glasswerk

It was classical music which first inspired Leo and armed with his earlier ambition of becoming a classical composer he attended The Royal Academy of Music, studying alongside Steve Martland and Nick Ingman , before realising that he 'wasn't terribly good at it and wasn't learning a lot'. It was around that time that Imogen Heap invited Leo to go on tour, an offer which proved too tempting so Leo left the Academy and became a bonafide professional musician. After the tour Leo went on to work with Nik Kershaw and Ed Harcourt , whom Leo has worked with for the last five years, and has remained in constant demand ever since.

Leo is such a talented musician that he was famously approached by Brian Eno in a music shop, having overheard Leo trying out a new guitar, Eno was so impressed by this 'unassuming guy just quietly playing the most beautiful guitar in the corner' that he took Leo's number and invited him to his studio and they have since worked together on a number of live and studio projects leading on to further sessions for Leo with the likes of Paul Simon, Grace Jones and Nick Cave .

As for Leo's hopes for his own music - 'I have this producer friend who always asks a new artist: "What is your music for? Do you want people to dance to it, eat to it, f*** to it?" It sounds stupid, but I just want people to listen to it!'

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