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Ludus Modalis

Ludus Modalis

Established by Bruno Boterf, the twelve-voice ensemble, Ludus Modalis 'The Mode Game', has set itself the task of restoring the sound palette of sacred and secular polyphonic repertoire of the Renaissance and pre-Baroque

Luna Modalis tries to distinguish itself from a too-generalised approach to interpretation, by  concentrating on those aspects of performance practice sometimes neglected, such as pronunciation, an intonation governed by the use of the different modes, temperament, a search for variety in vocal sonority, and  a scrupulous respect for the original sources, reinforced by collaboration with musicologists.

By adopting a practice of combining male, female and children's voices, Ludus Modalis strives to be an ensemble where the mixing of contrasting timbres is seen as a source of richness, and where typical ideas of musical beauty are seen as ornaments to an artistic whole, rather than the overarching aim.