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Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton is a singer-songwriter, best known for being one half of Scottish band Arab Strap.

Malcolm Middleton is a singer/songwriter, best known for being one half of Scottish band Arab Strap.

In 2002, while in between Arab Strap albums, both he and bandmate Aidan Moffat pursued different solo projects, Moffat’s being the ambient Lucky Pierre. Malcolm, writing lyrics and singing for the first time, recorded the cathartic '5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine' for Chemikal Underground.

He released the slightly more optimistic album Into The Woods in the summer of 2005, again between Arab Strap records.

In late 2006, Arab Strap split after ten years together, leading Malcolm to focus on his solo work full-time. He swiftly signed to Full Time Hobby and the appropriately-titled third album, A Brighter Beat, was released in February 2007.

December 2007 witnessed an unlikely turn in Malcolm’s career as he put himself forward as a contender for Christmas no 1 alongside Sean The Sheep, Mariah Carey and the Xfactor. Needless to say, the coveted top spot went to fellow Scot Leon Jackon of Xfactor but Malcolm made a sizeable dent in the festive 40, being the only independent entry at no 31 with We’re All Going To Die.

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