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Michael Cruger

Michael Cruger

Michael Cruger is a composer who mixes tribal drums and ambient effects in his very spiritual and tranquil music of both eastern and western roots.

Born in Berlin, after 10 years as a practising lawyer Michael set out on his spiritual quest, travelling through India and America for 3 years. It was whilst in America that he met and married his wife Joy, a fashion designer and rock singer from Los Angeles. After a blissful honeymoon in Ibiza, where the couple were drawn to the simplistic beauty and creative spirit of the Balaeric Isle, they decided to stay there forever and to call the island their home. 

Soon after arriving Michael and Joy opened a boutique, selling one-off wearable art pieces. They also founded what was to become a well-known local rock band, playing at clubs and parties throughout Ibiza. This eventually led to a tour of Thailand.

After discovering Asia the pair moved their clothing production to Bali, whose sounds and culture left a deep impression on Michael's musical style, helping to shift his ideas in a new direction. Carrying and sustaining the moods soaked up from his travels, Michael began to compose some of the evocative pieces that you can hear on 'The Finca Tapes', mixing both Eastern and Western harmonies to create individual and hypnotic signatures.