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Molinari Quartet

Molinari Quartet

Founded in 1997 by violinist Olga Ranzenhofer in homage to the artist Guido Molinari, the Molinari Quartet has three primary aims: to perform and promote twentieth and twenty first century works written for the string quartet, to encourage new composition by commissioning pieces from composers, and to include, as often as possible, Canadian works in its program.

Through varied and non traditional performance, the Quartet seeks to bring much deserved attention to 20th century chamber music. In collaboration with Guido Molinari, the Quartet has helped to unite artists, musicians and composers with the general public.

The format of the Quartet's performances consists of two parts. Firstly, the Quartet presents, analyzes, comments on and plays excerpts from its upcoming ‘Twentieth and Beyond' series, finishing with an open discussion with the public. The second part invites visual artists to expose their works and to talk about them. Once again the public is given the opportunity to speak with the artists about their work. For the participating public, these Dialogues are an extremely rich and stimulating source of interdisciplinary art. The object of these events is to demystify modern art by making the artists available to the public in informal and open-ended discussions and exchanges.