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Musica Nuda

Musica Nuda

Musica Nuda are an unconventional duo comprising vocalist Petra Magoni and bassist Ferruccio Spinetti.

A bit of jazz, a bit of songwriting, some elements of rock, some punk and the occasional classic vibe. When ‘music' is ‘naked' there are no boundaries, the peculiar sound of Petra and Ferruccio flows into every single track and brings them all back to a new life, proving that they are a really eclectic combo.

Musica Nuda is a brave project which works to trace music back to its core and bring out the expressiveness and emotion within any song, whether that be classical, jazz, pop or soul.

Further to this, Musica Nuda is devoted to the art of enjoying the silence in music, a basic and often underrated aspect of it, that leads to the true emotion and underline the value or a lyric, a story, the meaning of every single song, no matter if it's dramatic, funny, energetic, romantic or sarcastic.

Musica Nuda comprises two different yet perfectly complementary artists. Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti connect with subtlety and an undeniable sense of humour, combining innovative and pop ideas with their classical roots.