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Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra annually provides about 25 concerts on their own 'home stage' of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. The orchestra also performs in the other halls in the Netherlands and during foreign tours.

Dutch Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1955 and gave its first concert at the Holland Festival of that year. The first 22 years was with the legendary violinist, conductor and pedagogue Szymon Goldberg as musical director of the ensemble, with David Zinman as deputy. The music - often without the "diktat" of a conductor - was one of Goldbergs traits. With his unique approach he brought the orchestra at the level of the international leading ensembles in this area. Antoni Ros-Marba built this reputation further, and led the orchestra from 1979 to 1986.

The identity of the orchestra comes across  in the Concert Hall as it does in other major venues,  nationally and internationally. master violinist Gordan Nikolic continues the tradition of Goldberg and leads the orchestra from the first desk. Visitors to the shows know that this method leads to a rare, exciting music. With this free way of working, the Dutch Chamber Orchestra is a unique and critically acclaimed ensemble and this culture has been developed by other orchestras internationally. CD recordings are in the leading international music magazines and regularly given awards, including the symphonies of Schubert and the violin concertos of Mozart with Julia Fischer as soloist.

Whether contemporary or 18th century music, the chamber orchestra now plays compositions in a unique and adventurous way as if to elevate above the notes making each track 'urgent' and sounding fresh and relevant. Each concert is, therefore, to look forward to, and everything indicates that this unique ensemble will share many special musical moments in the future.

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