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Nojazz is a French electronic music band, often labelled as being a Nu-jazz band, with influenced taken from traditional jazz and Cuban music.

NoJazz & Friends (Live au Sunset)
NoJazz & Friends (Live au Sunset)
‘Nojazz and friends’ sees French electronic group Nojazz continue to push boundaries and inspire. 

JMS 104-2  

Philippe Balatier : Keyboard, Sampling
Philippe Sellam : Saxophone
Sylvain Gontard : Trumpet
Pascal Reva : Percussion
Andrew Ward : Vocals

Nojazz released their eponymous debut album in 2002. The album was produced by Teo Macero, Miles Davis's producer. In 2004 they released noLimits, a compilation of remixes. Their last album dates from 2005 and is called Have Fun.