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Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre "Città di Brescia"

Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre "Città di Brescia"

The Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre "Città di Brescia" is committed to the important work of continuing the musical activity, and of protecting of historical heritage, of the mandolin.

Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre "Città di Brescia"

The orchestra "Città di Brescia" was formed towards the end of the sixties within the "Musical Education Youth Centre of Brescia" which was established by the Costantino Quaranta Mandolin Association and by Isidoro Capitanio Philarmonic Society which were under Giovanni Ligasacchi's direction. In 1974 thanks to Giovanni Ligasacchi's and Rosa Messora's will, the orchestra became an association in order to re-evaluate the mandolin tradition through the recovery of ancient original literature and the diffusion of modern original composition. This goal was pursued with lots of Ligasacchi's initiatives in those years. Very important was the organisation in 1976 of courses on modern musical languages for plectrum orchestras, which were held by the famous player and composer Siegfried Behrend with the co-operation of Claudia Brodzinska and Wolfang Bast.

Further to teaching and research work, the Orchestra began an intense concert activity at international level taking part with success in musical contexts (Kerkade in 1974 and 1978, Ferrara in 1979), to festivals (Remiremont, Schweinfurt, Udine, Baden-Baden, Logroño, Athens) and organising cultural exchanges with plectrum orchestras from other countries (Sofia, Bratislava, Russian orchestra "Classic Domra", Darmstadt). Thanks to the precious aid of its president, Giuseppe Staro, and artistic director, Ugo Orlandi (a member of the association), the orchestra showed its commitment toward the re-evaluation of the musical heritage of mandolin organizing in 1985 for its tenth anniversary the first "National Show of pinch instruments" under the patronage of Brescia municipality and Lombardy region. The show was repeated in 1990. Important concerts followed such as those performed for the Mucsical Association "G. Carissimi" in Rome, Veneto Festival and the S. Carlo theatre in Naples.

The orchestra between 1987 and 1993 co-operated in important artistic and cultural initiatives together with the Italian Mandolin Federation (3° International Composition Context for Plectrum Orchestras) and together with "Constantino Quaranta" (1989 at the Grande Theatre in Brescia "Brescia's Compositors and the Plectrum Orchestra").

This is a first signal, which will approach the two associations in order to bring out and spread the original music for plectrum instruments. This co-operation lead to a sole association in 1995. The artistic and cultural tradition which the Mandolin Association "Costantino Quaranta" inherited by the former association of our town (Apollo Circle, Mandolin Society of Brescia, Mandolin Circle of Brescia, Mandolin Circles of Ghedi and Iseo) shows the orchestra "Città di Brescia" committed in an important work of continuing the musical activity and of protecting of historical heritage of mandolin.

Ugo Orlandi - director

Ugo Orlandi is a dominant figure in the panorama of international mandolin music.

He was born in Brescia and began his music studies at the Brescia Youth Music Education Centre.  He took up the mandolin at a very early age and at the same time took his diploma in trumpet at the "Cesare Pollini" Conservatory of Music in Padova, where since 1980 he has been mandolin professor. As a soloist he has taken part in concerts and tours all over the world - notably with Claudio Scimone's " I Solisti Veneti", and has  performed in the most prestigious festivals in Europe and America. His interest in the rediscovery of the musical world of the mandolin has led him to record various programmes many of which  feature as world premiere recordings.

He has been teaching mandolin at the Academy of Music "C. Pollini" of Padua since 1980. Born in Brescia in 1958, he started his musical education at the Centro Giovanile Bresciano di Educazione Musicale of R: Messora and G. Ligasacchi playing the mandolin and the trumpet. In 1975 he started attending the mandolin course given by Giuseppe Anedda at the Academy of Music of Padua, where he also got the diploma in trumpet. His interest for the early music and the musicological research brought him to study the cornet and the natural trumpet, as well as to do research in the field of the historical repertoire for the mandolin.  These interests in different areas of music have given birth to various recordings: "I Guami da Lucca", Fonè; "Musica da camera per strumenti a pizzico di R. Calace" (Chamber music for pluck instruments by R. Calace), Fonè; "Itinerario artistico nella canzone popolare padana"- Piadena ("artistic tour in the popular songs of Pianura Padana" - Piadena), 6 Concerti per mandolino with the Solisti Aquilani, Koch-Schwann.  He has been on tour with Claudio Scimone and the "Solisti Veneti" all over the world: North America, Canada, South America (Venezuela, Argentina, Brasil), Europe, Asia ( China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, South Corea, Indonesia, Japan), India, Australia; he has taken part in the Festivals of Montreaux, Edinburgh, New York ("Mostly Mozart"), Paris ("Le Prestige de la Musique") and  Salzburg.  With the "Solisti Veneti" he has recorded two Cds for the ERATO containing Concerts by G.F.Giuliani, F.Lecce and the complete version of the Concerts for mandolin by A. Vivaldi.

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