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Pascal Humbert

Pascal Humbert

Pascal Humber is French multi-instrumentalist who played bass, guitar, melodica and keys in the religious, Appalachian gospel, folk, rock, country and punk band '16 Horsepower'. Currently he performs with ‘Lilium'.

Pascal Humbert's first group was formed in Paris in the 1980s and included Elsa Drezner and Thierry Bertomeu. After meeting Theo Hakola with whom he moved to America, Pascal Humber performed with ‘Passion Fodder' until 1991 in California. In Los Angeles, he met David Eugene Edwards and Jean-Yves Tola and formed '16 Horsepower' which was active between 1992 and 2005. This band developed in parallel with ‘Lilium', a more personal project from 2000 which was named by Tola .

Since 16 Horsepower separated in 2005, Humbert has performed independently, in Lilium, with Santa Cruz, or with Wovenhand, a group formed by Edwards Ordy Garrisson.