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Paul Stone

Paul Stone

Paul Stone is a self driven vocalist who self-defines his style as a mixture of Jazz, Pop and swing aiming to deliver that feel good vibe. 

‘...young Stone certainly can sing... a great face and fabulous stage posture and poise...' Stage Review

A musician, a born entertainer and a likeable young guy. His smooth vocals and a passion for music have been seen on stage at some the world's finest venues. There are some great crooners out there but Paul likes to keep sharp with his unique arrangements of pop classics alongside his original material.

His debut album ‘Reprise Of Swing' was all about getting himself and his boys down on tape capturing that musical interaction of being in one room and on the clock due to tight budgets.  

Paul's view is that a record is a living breathing thing which is never finished so why take years over recording it? 

It was a connection made by his manager Giles Stanley to Ali Staton, an incredibly talented record producer, that started the project.

The brief was to keep it simple and as natural sounding as possible. Ali Staton saw Paul's vision and captured what he and the boys did at Sphere Studios, London allowing them the freedom to create a great sounding record.

The 11 piece band ran the charts and did what they do best feeding off each other in studio 1. The grid went out of the window...  

From listening back in the studio the guys knew they had got something special, 2 years to plan/arrange it and 2 days to record.  

Paul tells us ‘It was an amazing experience at Sphere Studios and Real World, we had such a great time, you can hear it in the record.' 

From the UK's top studio's and one of its finest producers then came the mastering.....  

Doug Sax and Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, LA just added that showroom shine taking nothing away from Ali's mixes but
adding a little magic.  

Paul continues his live work headlining shows all over the world and hopes that people out there take an interest in his love for music.