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Pelussje, a.k.a. James Nayler & Chiara Benelli are a couple of Italian EDM producers and Djs. Artistically Born in 2004 through flaming walls of sounds and energy-filled stage diving, they're the sons of acrobatic street moves, of fuzzboxes, rimshots and rough feedback.

After a period of performing circuit bending, live underground shows, Pelussje decided to bring their deep love for live mixing and turntables back into their music. In 2008 their productions moved towards a stronger, more complex and club-oriented sound, coloured by massive bass lines and with the filled with the full flavour of their musical roots.

Over the years they have acquired a significant reputation worldwide, playing throughout Europe, in USA, South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Brazil. Their powerful live shows are more than what you can expect from a ‘classic' Dj set. They are filled with the energy and power that can only be found at a concert performed by musicians truly dedicated to their art.

Since 2008 they have released their music with such well-know labels as Universal, EMI Music, Freakz Me Out, Shax Trax, OMGITM, Big Alliance, Boxon Records, Off Limits, and all their releases received the positive feedbacks of big names such as Bob Rifo, Benny Benassi, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Joachim Garraud, Xkore, Bare Noize, Haezer, Vicarious Bliss, Cyberpunkers, F.O.O.L., Congorock, Stereoheroes as well as many others.

They've also always been active remixers. Indeed they have gained a lot of fame worldwide as a result of the great number of bootlegs made from the songs which inspired them.