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Reinmar Henschke

Reinmar Henschke

Reinmar Henschke is a German pianist and composer whose influence transcends genre. His musical training began with classical piano and he now performs and composes in the realms of classical, jazz, rock, film and theatre.

Reinmar Henscke began playing piano aged 6 and was tutored in church organ by cathedral organist Hans-Gunter Wauer at the School of Church Music in Halle. Despite passing the entrance examination for organ at the Academy of Music in Leipzig, Henschke ultimately opted to study classical piano and composition studies, skills which would prove invaluable as his career developed. Henschke graduated in 1981 and immediately took up a career as a professional musician.

During the 1980s he lived in Weimar and worked extensively with the band, Prima Klima where he encountered jazz, funk and soul. By 1986 he found himself touring East Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia at which time he performed at the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival. In 1987 he was awarded first prize in the Kalisz Jazz Piano Competition in Poland.

During his involvement with the Berlin jazz scene, Henschke collaboration with the singer Pascal Wroblewsky and saxophonist Volker Schlott with whom he formed the Henschke-Schlott Duo. Henschke also developed a significant career as a solo musician and around this time began to realise his interest in film and theatre composition. Following this, he began to incorporate rock music into his already exceptionally diverse repertoire.

In addition to his work as a composer and performing musician, Henschke has also taught piano at the he Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Music School.