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Serge Fortin

Serge Fortin

Serge Fortin is a French Canadian singer who combines a rebellious appearance and a charming smile with a Bohemian and deeply honest musical style. He composes his own songs and interprets popular music.

Serge Fortin is a French Canadian artist from Quebec who moved to Montreal to record his first album. Alongside writing his own material and interpreting that of other artists, he has also performed in musicals. In 2003, he played the drinker in the musical version of The Little Prince.

In 2004 he travelled the world for two years, along the way finding great inspiration for his compositions. In 2006 he formed ‘The Brewed', a band in which he performed in alongside he friends Dany Bedar, Bob Champoux, Breton and Norman Crepault Lg. Having spent two years with this band, he drew on the wealth of experience he had thus far gained and put together his second solo album ‘M'arrocher the table', combining acoustic and folk styles.