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Sonig Tchakerian

Sonig Tchakerian

Sonig Tchakerian, outstanding winner of the Paganini prize, performs the Haydn Violin concertos.

When Sonig was still a small girl, her appearance was always shy and a little ironic, like the little mice in the fairy­tale, she reached for the violin, raised her bow and suddenly something great and mysterious happened: deep silence, indescribable tension; she then put the bow to the strings and a strong, dark, sweet and impressive sound emerged. That was the first event in the life of the violinist Sonig: the surprise and the news of it that rapidly spread.


Subsequently Sonig won many competitions, beginning with the Paganini Competition in 1980 to the Munich competition ten years later. Many concert performances followed, either on her own or accompanied by an orchestra. In 1988 she founded the Trio Italiano together with Giovanni Battista Rigon on the piano and Teodora Campagnaro on the cello. This marked the beginning of her activity in chamber music of the highest standard with prizes and recordings. A few years later, the cellist Silvia Chiesa joined the trio, which today enjoys great recognition. Recently, the trio celebrated its debut in London together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra where all Beethoven's trios were broadcast on the Rai Sat show.

Sonig, who has the concentration, the talents and the charm of an extraordinary soloist, also enjoys playing chamber music, not least due to the numerous important and enthusiastic encounters which result from it, such as with the highly regarded Settimane Musicali of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, with Brunello or Giuranna, Filippini or Canino, Rossi, Raina Kabaivanska, Shlomo Mintz - selective attractions but also the occasional discovery of an affinity with personalities who are quite differently inclined. Sonig performs the complete cycle of Beethoven's sonatas together with the pianist Lucchesini, although she works primarily and at her best together with Rigon: concert performances, a recording of Ravel's music, a marriage and two attractive and intelligent children.

Musicians love working with Sonig. She has performed with conductors such as Janigro, Melles, Tchakarov, Oren, Daniele Gatti, Andretta and Gielen, and her outstanding abilities as a soloist are documented on numerous recordings. One can hardly imagine what happens among the people present, when Sonig brings back to life the surprise that she was able to create as a girl, and performs Paganini's 24 Capricd for violin with the knowledge of a great schooling and her own mysterious abilities. Currently Sonig is working on Haydn, this great and masterful composer who also has his passionate and difficult aspects, which she is also conducting. One thing remains unchanged: the high quality of the interpretation. And there is also a surprise: she does not attempt to modify the great architecture of this classical composer, and refrains from the temptations of brilliant virtuosity. It rather represents something like a dream, the dream of a perfect, mysterious beauty, fleeting and vulnerable, which arouses curiosity regarding the future of Haydn and Sonig.

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