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Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters

Roughcast folk-rock, in the vein of Smog and Cat Power.

Glasgow’s Sons and Daughters don’t follow the indie pop formula made famous by their counterparts Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura.Adele Bethel, David Gow, Scott Paterson, and Ailidh Lennon, compose a roughcast folk-rock sound similar to the likes of Smog and Cat Power.

Prior to getting together, Bethel and Gow toured and recorded with the Zephyrs and Arab Strap. Paterson chiefed March of Dimes for a short time while Lennon studied classical composition at a University nearby.

In 2002, Sons and Daughters self-released The Lovers EP. Love the Cup, an intriguing homage to Johnny Cash, followed a year later.

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