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Stadium Chorale

Stadium Chorale

Studium Chorale has been active as a professional chamber choir since 2005. The choir was founded in 1972 and has developed into one of the leading chamber choirs in the Netherlands.

The choir of Studium Chorale ranges from eight to forty singers according to the demands of the music. The singers are from Netherlands, Flanders and Germany. Their wide-ranging repetoire encompasses five centuries of choral culture of polyphony from the Renaissance to the latest mission work. The choir have performed world premieres of compositions by Henry Delnooz, Jean Lambert, Ton de Leeuw, Jo van den Booren, Lowell Dijkstra, Jeanne Demessieux, Daan Manneke, Roderick de Man, Marijn Simons, Hans Leenders and Margreeth de Jong.
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