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Stephane Kerecki Trio

Stephane Kerecki Trio

The Stephane Kerecki Trio is a French jazz ensemble which has been hailed as one of the most promising contemporary jazz groups by French magazine Jazzman.

‘The dance - that's what springs to mind when you see and hear Stephane Kerecki's double bass and the triangle it forms with Thomas Grimmonprez on drums and Matthieu Donarier on saxophone. In the skilful, sensitive positioning of each musician, the choreographic way they sway and swirl around each other. Even when they pretend to play straight-ahead jazz, or when they pile on the rubato with pauses and fermatas, they know how to "groove", to build those little bodily mechanisms which are the essence of groove, with each player engaging his own rhythmic cog to make the whole thing turn, except that, with this trio, groove never has the spinning obstinacy usually associated with the term, but is reinvented from one bar to the next. But you also think of singing when you hear this former choirboy who became a pupil of Jean-François Jenny-Clark (...), this saxophonist with his vocal timbre and his perfect intonation, his Indian-style tuning, organic matter that he likes to mould, making it sing (...), and this drummer who beats his skins and metals as one might tell a story in a song, through words and music (...). You know how this trio makes me feel? It makes me feel less bitter about losing Jean-François Jenny-Clark, and consoles me that Joe Henderson didn't record more trio repertoire. But, more than anything else, it fills me with delight, because it moves constantly forward, because its leader is a genuine composer, and because its three members are genuine free thinkers and bodies rejoicing in their suppleness.' Jazzman Magazine

Stephane Kerecki was born in Paris in 1970. After studying economics at Paris II, he entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris where he studied bass with Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Riccardo Del Fra and Jean Paul Celea. His first experience with a jazz group occurred when he joined Steve Potts' quartet and became the first bassist of the Paris Jazz Big Band.

For the next ten years, Stephane Kerecki performed with such musicians as Denis Colin, Guillaume de Chassy, Yaron Herman, Daniel Humair, François Jeanneau, Sheila Jordan, Steve Lehman, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Michel Portal, Thomas Savy and Jacky Terrasson.

Since 2003, he has lead his own trio alongside saxophonist Matthieu Donarier and drummer Thomas Grimmonprez with whom he has recorded two albums, ‘Story Tellers' and ‘Focus Danse'.

Since 2010 he has also worked closely with the label Zig-Zag for a new project with English pianist John Taylor.