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Thaous Ensemble

Thaous Ensemble

The Thaous Ensemble are a wind octet named for the Egyptian word for 'peacock' who regularly perform both as an octet as well as with soloists from other musical groups.

The Thaous Ensemble take their name from 'thaous', the Egyptian word for 'peacock'. The ensemble is a wind octet in the truly classic sense, with two pairs of oboes, clarinets, bassoons and horns. Some of these musicians have been playing together since their early youth when either they became acquainted as students or as members of Baden-Württenberg's Young Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra.

Currently, all of the members of the Thaous Ensemble are soloists in prestigious orchestras, or professors and lecturers at various cultural institutions including the Frankfurt and Würzburg Universities of Music and Performing Arts, the Hamburg State Opera, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Zurich Opera House and the Deutsche Sinfonieorchester Berlin. Every single member of the Ensemble has won important prizes at national and international competitions. A number of members of the Ensemble have held scholarships from the German President or from the German "Studienstiftung" and work regularly with top ensembles like the "Ensemble Modern".

Above all else, the Thaous Ensemble are known for their adaptability, regularly combining the ability of this exceptionally talented wind octet with soloists from such orchestras as Hesse Public Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig, the Frankfurt Opera and the Deutsche Oper Berlin.