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The Odhecaton Ensemble for Ancient Music

The Odhecaton Ensemble for Ancient Music

The Odhecaton Ensemble for Ancient Music is an award-winning Italian group dedicated to the performance of early music with particular focus on Italian and Flemish compositions from the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Odhecaton Ensemble – founded in 1998 – has won some of the most prestigious record awards.

The vocal Ensemble takes its name from Harmonice Musices Odhecaton, the first book of printed music which was published in Venice by Ottaviano Petrucci in 1501.

The group’s preferred repertoire consists mainly of music by Italian and Flemish composers, who were active in Italy between the 15th and 16th centuries.

Some of the best Italian male vocalists specialising in the performance of Renaissance and Baroque music perform in Odhecaton under the conducting of singer, organist and musicologist Paolo Da Col.

The Ensemble has so far recorded eight dedicated to the music of Nicolas Gombert, Heinrich Isaac, Francisco de Penalosa (Bongiovanni), Josquin Desprez (Assai), Loyset Compère and Picardie Masters (Ramée). It has moreover been engaged in recording the rich repertoire of 17th century Spanish and Portuguese poliphony of the Canary Islands and Palestrina.

The group has taken part to some of the most important European Festivals and has won such prizes as the diapason d’or de l’année and choc (Diapason and Le Monde de la Musique. Odhecaton’s repertoire includes also the Amfiparnaso by Orazio Vecchi, featuring the actor Enrico Bonavera and the scenography by Lele Luzzati.