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The Phonebone Quintet

The Phonebone Quintet

The Phonebone Quintet formed in 1994 to play jazz originals and a few of their own compositions.

The Phonebone Quintet

Allard Buwalda (saxophones)
Martijn Sohier (trombone)
Joe Dinkelbach (piano)
Frans van Geest (double bass)
Hans Dekker (drums)

The Phonebone Quintet formed in 1994. The concept was simple.  We thought, ‘We all love to play jazz originals. Let's play around with the melody, harmony and structure of the tunes, but without losing the strength of them.' We then added a few of our own compositions, and that was it: a swinging new band called The Phonebone Quintet.

The Phonebone Quintet existed for only a short period, from 1994 until 1996. But what a great time we had playing together! We played everything by heart and the energy during the concerts was fantastic. For us it was just a big musical playground.

The Phonebone Quintet stopped playing partly as a result of the members' busy individual gigging schedules, combined with the huge amount of time needed to book concerts. We discovered that planning and booking concerts is an extremely time-consuming activity.

Unfortunately, no skilled organizer crossed our path to take up that task. And so it slowly faded out.

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