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The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet

The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet

A vibrant Gypsy ensemble that has earned a reputation that has put them at the top of many festival invitation lists all over Europe. 

Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet

Created in 2002, The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet comes from the pure tradition of gypsy swing. Ritary Gaguenetti (solo guitar/composer) a French Gypsy began playng at age 14. A quietly outstanding virtuoso musician with a style that is smooth and melodious, clean and precise. Hs versatility encompasses both funk and R & B, his main influences are Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Stochelo Rosenberg and Joe Pass. 

Herve Gaguenetti (rhythm guitar) cousin to Ritary, portrays as much through his masterful rhythm playng as any great soloist - his sensitive and masterful playng is the faultless heartbeat of the band.  

Vladimir Torres (double bass) is a self taught musician, coming from a South American music tradition . His powerful playing seeks out the best of his instrument, and his eclectic cultural influences are clearly heard in his work. 

Christophe Panzani (saxophone ) was classically trained but grew up on Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins. A player of humour and versatility that leaves his audience enthralled.   

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