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The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is one of Scotland's foremost traditional music organisations.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra  

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is one of Scotland's foremost traditional music organisations. The Orchestra was formed in 1980, deriving its origins from Fiddlers' Rallies which were - and are - held throughout the country. After one of these Rallies, a group of enthusiasts met to consider the formation of an orchestra which would draw its members from a' the airts and would form a cohesive, vigorously rehearsed group of musicians.

The aim was to have a group of approximately 150 keen and interested musicians who would play together consistently, provide a series of concerts in the main Scottish cities and work together to create the finest possible standard of orchestral fiddle playing without detracting from the strong traditional strains of our music.

The inaugural concert of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra was on 20th March 1980 in the Music Hall, Aberdeen. Since that time the Orchestra has settled into a sequence of five major concerts each year - in the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, the Music Hall, Aberdeen, the Barbican, York, and the Barbican Centre, London. A small number of other "special" concerts are also undertaken each year as well as tours to Ireland, Canada and the USA.

The members were delighted when, in December 1993, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, agreed to be the Orchestra's patron.

We have long since arrived at our aim of 1980 - with a very happy and enthusiastic membership striving always to improve the quality and range of our music, in order to further our stated aims of promoting and performing mainly Scottish music and encouraging community interest in it, and to offer an orchestral experience to our younger players. We demonstrate the music's essential light-heartedness and joy, and induce the happiness it can bring to the listener. Each member gives freely of his or her time and ability without any financial reward whatsoever, seeking only to please and to be appreciated.

All of our concerts are given in aid of one or more charities; over the years these have benefited by a sum well in excess of a million and a half pounds. We are proud and delighted that our talents can be put to such practical use - and that you, and we, can enjoy our music in the process.

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