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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Formed in Glasgow, this rock band has been described as "a great band" by Alice Cooper.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

With the galvanisation of Glasgow noise masters Tear Gas and rock veteran Alex Harvey in June 1972 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was born! No band before them or since has come close to their unique eclectic brand of Vaudevillian rock"n"roll, although many have tried (and failed).

"S.A.H.B - That's A Great Band" Alice Cooper (June 2007)

In the 1970's S.A.H.B released eight albums, they toured almost constantly, and soon gained a reputation as the best live band in Britain! They also were the biggest-grossing live act in the UK with no other world act doing better business!! S.A.H.B's influence in rock might not be in your face, but dig a little and it's everywhere, and has been acknowledged by the likes of - AC/DC, the Cure, Nick Cave, Def Leppard, John Lydon, Fish, Simple Minds, Cheap Trick, The Cult etc and virtually every Scottish band over the last 35 years has at least - a little bit of S.A.H.B in them!

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