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Theatre of Voices

Theatre of Voices is an award winning vocal ensemble which performs at festivals across Europe as a vocal ensemble as well as with various instrumentalists and orchestras.

Theatre of Voices received a Grammy Award for ‘The Little Match Girl Passion' in 2010 - the year of the group's 20th anniversary. The ensemble was founded by Paul Hillier and is widely recognized as one of the Europe's foremost vocal groups.

Current projects include music ranging from Perotin to Dowland and Buxtehude, as well as compositions from many prestigious contemporary composers such as Berio, Pärt, Reich, Cage, and Stockhausen. During 2007 members of the group performed John Adams's Grand Pianola Music in Los Angeles, conducted by the composer himself. Theatre of Voices regularly performs at the Edinburgh Festival, Barbican Centre and Carnegie Hall - where they premiered David Lang's, ‘The Little Match Girl Passion'. The piece was commissioned for Theatre of Voices and won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize. This year also included the opening of Berliner Festspiele with Stockhausen's Stimmung, at the composer's own request, at the BBC Proms and Sacrum Profanum.

Theatre of Voices works with some of the world's best instrumentalists. Theatre of Voices premiered Gavin Bryar's ‘The Stone Arch' with the Kronos Quartet at Barbican Centre's Steve Reich Festival. In 2009 the ensemble presented a new production by Chinese composer Liu Sola at the same venue and Takkelloftet at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen - The Afterlife of Li Jiantong. Presently, Theatre of Voices is working with London Sinfonietta on a new round of music by Danish composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen with more premieres and recording to come in 2012. The past few years have included tours to Australia, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Denmark, the US, Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Holland and Ireland.

The group's most recent albums include ‘Cries of London' (English renaissance music), Stockhausen's Stimmung (the Copenhagen version) and David Lang's ‘Little Match Girl Passion', and ‘Stories' (Berio et al), and finally ‘The Christmas Story' as well as ‘Buxtehude's Scandinavian Cantatas', the first in a series of five albums.