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Till Bronner

Till Bronner

Till Bronner is a German-born trumpet player who cites greats such as Louis Armstrong and Chet Baker as his influences. He has quickly risen to prominence within the international jazz community, having twice won Echo Awards and been nominated for two Grammy Awards.

‘Calling Till Bronner the new aspiring German trumpet talent is obsolete, since he has sold more records than any other German jazz musician. He plays big time now and is well known in the New York jazz circuit, which itself is top of the crop.' ME SOUNDS/Rolling Stone

Born in 1971 in Viersen, Germany and raised in Rome, Italy, Till experienced his outset with the help of Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker: ‘Hearing Bebop for the first time, Charlie Parker; that set the whole thing off for me. I was 13 years old and it was an almost erotic sensation. I thought that it was indecent. The music was like a woman having a go at me.'
Till stems from a family of musicians; after a well-protected childhood, he enjoyed a classical education followed by a study of the jazz trumpet at Cologne's Music Academy. After only three semesters he convinced the leader of Berlin's ‘RIAS-Tanzorchester' at an audition, taking his first hurdle at the age of 20.

Only two years later, he raised more than one eyebrow with ‘Generations of Jazz', being both a classic mainstream recording and his debut as a bandleader. By the time he released ‘German Songs', his third album of old German film songs, arranged for jazz quartet and classical orchestra, he was the talk of the trade.

Till's achievements include a 2008 nomination for a Grammy Award for ‘Best Classical Crossover Album', a 2008 Echo Award in the jazz category for ‘The Christmas Album', a 2009 nomination for a Grammy Award for ‘Best Jazz Instrumental Solo' and a 2009 Echo Award in the jazz category for this album ‘Rio'.