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Toolbox are a group speciliaising in Latin and American jazz who have received consistently positive reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, being particularly well known in the Far East. They are a quintet featuring acoustic guitar, woodwind, drums, piano and bass and are known for the particularly cohesive quality of their playing.

Toolbox are particularly well known in Asia, having toured widely, from Singapore to Japan and from Jakarta to Korea.

They are almost unique in their setup, functioning in an entirely non-hierarchical basis with each member as much a leader as the next, each contributing to the final product in a completely non-egotistical manner. As such, they are highly acclaimed for the rare unity with which they both compose and perform.


David Garfield - piano (9'3" by Julius Blunthee in 1930)
Michael O'Neill - guitar (Yamaha, nylon stringed acoustic)
James Earl - bass (Warwick acoustic bass guitar)
Walfredo Reyes - drums (custom Pearl kit)
Larry Kilmas - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and flute