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Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

A Viennese-born couple with a background in classical music, Christa and Gerald Schonfeldinger now specialise in glass music, specifically on the glass armonica and verrophone. They work to promote better known works for glass instruments as well as to bring attention to newer and avant-garde compositions.

Viennese couple Christa and Gerald Schonfeldinger first became interested in glass music in the 1990s, prior to which tthey were both professional violinists with established orchestral careers.

Having in effect rediscovered the glass armonica 200 years after its wave of sensational popularity in the 18th century, they are now among the world's leading performers on glass armonica and verrophone. They have mastered centuries old playing techniques with a modern flair as well as developed the performance of glass instruments further by adding new techniques.

The Vienna Glass Armonica Duo's repetoire ranges from more traditional standard works for glass armonica such as those by Mozart, Reichart, Rollig and Schulz to orchestral and opera literature from Donizetti, Saint-Saens and Strauss as well as a number of arrangements by Mozart, Grieg, Satie and Morricone and avant-garde works from Arvo Part and Jorg Wiomann

The Vienna Glass Armonica Duo have performed in concert with the such names as the Vienna Philharmonica Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Amati Quartet, Armonio Tributo Austria-Lorenz Duffschmid, Musica Rara Erfurt, Adorjan Andras and Francois Leleuv.

They have given concerts across Europe and further afield, appearing at Musikverein Veinna, opening Weiner Festwochen, the Klangbogen Festival Vienna, the International Salzburg Mozart Festival, Carinthischer Sommer, International Hadyntage Eisenstadt, Suntory Hall in Tokyo, the Opera la Bastille in Paris, Dresdner Musikfestspiele, Mozartwoche Wurzburg, The Philharmonie in Warsaw and Teatro Filharmonici in Milan.