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El Nino Muchuca

El Nino Muchuca

Paco ‘El Nino’ Machuca is a Spanish guitarist whose trademark sound combines the energy of flamenco with the freedom of jazz. 

It was an old flamenco guitar, hidden in a closet at his parents' house in Sevilla, which sparked Paco Machuca’s passion for music. Paco was influenced by the art of the ‘Cante Jondo’ from his grandfather, but it wasn't just expressivity of flamenco which intrigued him. Soon enough, inspired by his jazz- and rock-loving brother Ramon, Paco would also develop a profound interest in jazz. As a result of years spent honing his unique blend of flamenco and jazz, Paco now plays with a distinctive, entrancing style.

The formation of the band, No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas in 1988 marked the beginning of Paco Machuca's musical career. With this group, Paco scored several major hits and various gold and platinum records in Spain. In 1996, he left the group to focus on his solo career, a choice which resulted in collaborations with artists including Antonio Flores, Alex Ortiz and Jakim. It was also this choice which allowed him to begin to forge his unique personal style, fusing the jazz-guitar with flamenco-rhythms derived from tangos and bulerias.